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We care for residents in the same way we meet the needs of our loved ones at home. Whether it is cleaning, cooking or caring – we are willing to do whatever it takes. Our family of caregivers brings a great love to whatever it is that we do.

Whatever It Takes

Our Employees are Family

Our Employees are Family

When you think of your personal experience in being a part of a family – what thoughts and feelings arise in you?

Abandonment? Insignificance? Brokenness?
Love? Gratitude? Restoration?

At Bickford, we’re your work family - this is a role we take seriously. Many times people spend just as much (or more) time at work than at home and that is why our family is important. Whatever your experience has been with “family” in the past, we’re committed to making this family what it should be. Just like every family we’re not perfect, but we’ll never give up trying. For in the end, it’s family that matters most.

Our Core Values

Being in the happiness business requires more than just performing our chores. We have found that just meeting residents’ needs is not enough. In fact, how we make people feel while meeting their needs is just as important, actually a bit more important.

We’ve learned that there is a certain set of values and corresponding behaviors that lend themselves to making residents feel good while receiving our services. We call these our Core Values.

Bickford Core Values

Family Has Its Benefits

Low Healthcare Costs
We pay 90% of an employee's health insurance (employee-only plan) and minimize out-of-pocket expenses with a $25 copay
FREE Telehealth Visits
Live and immediate 24/7 access to primary care for common medical issues
Leadership Training
Bickford partners with the Stagen Leadership Academy to provide professional leadership training for Branch leaders
Paid Certification/Licensure Training
Want to advance your career in nursing? We'll pay for LPN (Illinois only), CNA and CMA education costs. We will pay for state-required continuing education
Student Loan Reimbursement
Got student loans? We'll help pay!
Free Meal During Shift
Enjoy a made-from-scratch meal from our Bread Basket
Family Culture
Be a part of our family where you're cared for and cared about

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Bickford Family Culture Collage

Our family is always growing

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