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Bickford Senior Living’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Preparedness

updated April 1st
a message from Andy Eby, Caregiver/Owner of Bickford Senior Living

COVID-19 Transparency

In today’s uncertain times, we feel a responsibility to be straightforward as to how our Branches are being affected by COVID-19. For this reason, we are displaying the number of active COVID-19 cases for each Branch on their website. At Bickford Senior Living we will lead with transparency so you have the best information available as you make decisions for your loved one.

Overview of protocols initiated

No visitors allowed policy
Screening of all residents, BFMs and essential health care professionals
Updated education on infection control practice and handwashing completed in each Branch
Enhanced disinfection protocols
Daily Resident checks and temperature controls
Continual monitoring of CDC and other state and federal agencies for updates
Daily communication with local leadership for updates
Enhanced essential health care professional protocols
Non-communal dining

View adjusted/additional protocols in place for: Aurora and Tinley Park

More Information

For more information, click on the links below. If you still have questions and concerns, reach out to us at or connect with your local Branch director.
Resident/Family FAQ       |       COVID-19 Transparency FAQ       |       Non-Communal Dining       |       How You Can Help       |       To Our BFMs (employees)

What is the current visitation policy?

Bickford has implemented a No Visitors policy, so please refrain from coming to the Branch. Only Bickford personnel and essential health care professionals are allowed entry into the Branch.

How can I stay connected to my loved one?

We encourage regular communication with your loved one utilizing technology (i.e. phone, FaceTime, Skype) and are happy to assist any way we can. The local Branch’s website ( and Facebook page will be regularly updated with Branch happenings. Be sure to ‘Like’ our local Facebook page.

Is Bickford accepting new move ins?

Yes. We were created to meet the needs of the frail elderly and will continue to do so during this time. New residents will go through the same procedures and screenings that our current residents do to enter the Branch.

Is Bickford hiring?

Yes. Applications are being received and responded to. Virtual (or off-site) interviews are being conducted.

Does Bickford have the staff to care for my loved one?

Yes, but this is an ever-evolving challenge. We are being creative in anticipating the needs of our BFMs for things like school closings, day care, personal family constraints, etc. We know as an organization we have to meet our BFMs needs so that they will be able to meet our residents needs. So far, we are proud of how our people are rising to the challenge.

Is my loved one safe?

Yes. Flu and other infectious diseases have always created a significant risk for the elderly. Because of this we are prepared and equipped to meet this challenge. As an example, Bickford’s flu rates are far below the national averages.

Are Residents allowed to leave the Branch?

All residents are strongly discouraged from leaving the Branch, due to the high risk of exposure. However, if a Resident chooses to leave the Branch they will be screened prior to returning. If the Resident fails this screening, they will be quarantined upon return.

What if COVID-19 is reported in a Branch?

If there is a case of COVID-19 in one of our Branches, we will notify family and residents of the occurrence. We will follow CDC guidelines and have personal protective equipment available for use.

What is Bickford doing to help prevent BFMs (employees) from bringing in the virus?

All BFMs and essential health care professionals are being screened each day at front door prior to entry. We also educate our BFMs on and request that that they follow CDC guidelines how to avoid exposure to COVID-19.

How is Bickford monitoring residents for signs of COVID-19?

Each resident is monitored at least once daily for signs, symptoms and temperature.

Can medical health care professionals visit residents in the Branch?

Only essential health care professionals will be admitted to Bickford Branches. All professionals must meet our stringent infection control requirements including our screening process.

Are routine medical appointments going to continue?

The RNC will coordinate with the resident, family and provider, to determine if the visit is essential or can be temporarily delayed and rescheduled.

Can I still bring supplies and care packages to my loved one at Bickford?

Yes, please notify our Branch leadership of your intention to deliver a package. Packages are to be delivered to the front door and are to be clearly labeled with resident’s name. Each package (and its contents) will be sanitized due to the potential for COVID-19 contamination, so please do not deliver perishable items.

If I am currently setting up medications for my loved one do I continue to do so?

Yes. Deliver the pill box to the front door and appropriately notify us. The pill box will be sanitized and delivered. Please contact Branch leadership if you would like to change who administers medications.

Does Bickford have the supplies to support my loved one’s needs during this time?

Yes. Bickford has longstanding relationships with a multitude of vendors to continue to meet the needs of our residents. We have procedures in place to ensure the continued supply and delivery of all essential items including food, medical equipment, incontinence products, etc.

Is Bickford using a chemical disinfectant that will kill COVID-19?

Yes. Bickford has been using a chemical disinfectant in the branches, for over a year, that kills all viruses and bacteria. This chemical is 100% effective against COVID-19. We do not use bleach, as you might in your own home, due to its caustic nature.

Where can I see the most up-to-date information in regard to Bickford’s response to the Coronavirus?

Visit our website at

Who will provide services to my loved that I was previously providing?

Any services that you were previously providing your loved one, coordinate with the local Branch leadership to ensure continuation of those services.

Are Chaplains still visiting Branches?

No. Chaplains are still available to connect with residents and families virtually or outside the Branch. Please reach out to Branch leadership if you have questions on how to establish this connection.