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Bickford friends of the family club

The Bickford Friends of the Family (BFF) Club is a collection of characters we created as an expression of the different personalities we encounter in our residents. They are gems, everyone of them, and they add color and spice to life. How we meet each resident’s Core Needs should reflect their unique differences and individuality.

Goldie with vacuum
Goldie red lettering

Our “blonde” little lady has a heart of gold. Never intending to say hurtful things, she talks incessantly without punctuation never stopping to think if what she is saying is coming out in the way she intended. Like the sun, she’s the first to rise in the morning and settles down only at night.

Daily Activities

A variety of activities conducted each day tailored to a range of interests: Creative, Intellectual, Spiritual, Life Skills, Physical, Social


Community trips to local restaurants, shops, parks, etc.

Community Involvement

We partner with individuals and organizations to share their interests and love with our residents (i.e. performers, pet therapy, student visits)

Theme Days

Fun-filled days where activities are coordinated with meals, costumes and decorations (i.e. Western Day, Winter Wonderland)

Family Gatherings

Events geared toward family involvement (i.e. Thanksgiving, Grandparents Day, Easter Egg Hunts)

Picture of seniors enjoying life.

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