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Bickford friends of the family club

The Bickford Friends of the Family (BFF) Club is a collection of characters we created as an expression of the different personalities we encounter in our residents. They are gems, everyone of them, and they add color and spice to life. How we meet each resident’s Core Needs should reflect their unique differences and individuality.

Sapphira in her shawl
Sapphira fancy text

Our own little blue-haired lady is generally a bit “blue” about life. Pearl gravitates to her, trying to share moments of happiness with her. She’s very small and fragile.

Pets Welcome

More than just friends, our pets are family - we welcome all shapes and sizes!

Pet Assistance

Assistance with all pet needs including feeding, litter box and outdoor time

Branch Buddy

We love pets so much many times we have our own house pet(s)

Pet Therapy

Knowing that pets can reduce loneliness, anxiety and stress, we partner with various organizations to have traditional and non- traditional pets visit

Picture of seniors enjoying pets.

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