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Bickford friends of the family club

The Bickford Friends of the Family (BFF) Club is a collection of characters we created as an expression of the different personalities we encounter in our residents. They are gems, everyone of them, and they add color and spice to life. How we meet each resident’s Core Needs should reflect their unique differences and individuality.

Rocky with pipe
Rocky fancy lettering

Although he’s tough on the outside, deep down he really loves people, well, certain people anyway! He only talks to shout out the occasional tough guy remark. Slightly balding with slicked-back white hair, this guy’s a bulldog!

Professional Resource/Advocate

Healthcare professional available for family consultations, care recommendations and resident evaluations

External Care Provider Coordination

Communicates and coordinates care with physicians, pharmacies, home health agencies, therapists, hospices and medical equipment providers

Care Oversight

Caregivers are overseen to ensure specific needs are met

Individualized Service Plans

Nurse reviews plan every 90 days to ensure specific needs and desires are met

Medication Management

Reviews medications, dosages and administration times in order to reduce potential issues and optimize effectiveness

Health Monitoring & Wellness

Routine observations for changes in health and actively engaging residents in a healthy lifestyle

Picture of woman in chair laughing.

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