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Bickford friends of the family club

The Bickford Friends of the Family (BFF) Club is a collection of characters we created as an expression of the different personalities we encounter in our residents. They are gems, everyone of them, and they add color and spice to life. How we meet each resident’s Core Needs should reflect their unique differences and individuality.

Flint in overalls and a flannel
Flint fancy lettering

This guy’s our scrapper. Rub against him and you’ll set off sparks! Short and lean, he walks like he’s looking for a fight. Perhaps instead of a fight you can engage him in a passionate debate?

Secure Building

Controlled access provides resident and visitor security

Pull Cords

Request assistance from caregivers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through strategically located pull cords in apartments


Request assistance from caregivers with a push of a button, allowing residents to maintain an active, mobile lifestyle

Personal Monitoring Device

Real-time location information provides the opportunity to address potential safety risks before they happen

Picture of seniors enjoying life.

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