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Katie Fogarty

Healthcare Professional

What does it mean to you to lead with love?

I love my work. I think to lead with love means to just show my team, my families and my residents how to have a loving heart and a loving, kind way, and to guide them that way by making myself a good example. I remind my team that a resident could be your mom. It was my dad. It could be you. When I give a tour, I tell my story so families know that I’m a family member just like they are. I try leading by example and showing what it means to love. This is our most vulnerable population, for Pete’s sake. 

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About Katie

  • Seven years with Bickford 
  • Married for 32 years to husband Steve 
  • Has three grown sons: Matt, Joey and Luke 
  • Loves to shop, decorate and update her home 
  • Hates to cook but makes family favorites including homemade spaghetti sauce, chili-lime grilled chicken, and nachos with all the fixings 
  • Sits down to family dinner every night