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Shannon Riberdy

Healthcare Professional

What does it mean to you to lead with love?

What it means for me to lead with love is to do things to help other people without expecting anything in return, simply for the act of just being able to help. I think also to lead with love means to recognize and be OK with the differences in people. People who may have a different viewpoint on something, or someone who maybe has a strong personality or sees something a different way. To be whatever it is that they need you to be for them, and to see the differences in people as uniqueness that makes that individual special.

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About Shannon

  • Nearly 15 years with Bickford
  • Recently relocated from Bourbonnais, Illinois, to Leawood, Kansas
  • Married for 33 years to husband Gary
  • Has three grown sons: Mathew, Collin and Bryce
  • Loves to hike and try new restaurants, especially seafood
  • Favorite part of her job is helping others grow within the company