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Bickford friends of the family club

The Bickford Friends of the Family (BFF) Club is a collection of characters we created as an expression of the different personalities we encounter in our residents. They are gems, everyone of them, and they add color and spice to life. How we meet each resident’s Core Needs should reflect their unique differences and individuality.

Jade crossing arms
Jade fancy lettering

She’s imperious, tall and rigid. She’s more than a bit “jaded ” about life and is our resident skeptic. As far as she’s concerned, nothing will ever go right in the BFF Club. The only person she’s not impervious to is Pearl.

Scheduled Appointments

Bickford can coordinate transportation for any need (i.e. handicapped accessible, non- emergency medical, taxi)

Companion Care

Personalized transportation to and from scheduled appointments accompanied by a Bickford Family Member (employee)


Community trips to local restaurants, shops, museums, concerts, plays, etc.

Picture of seniors enjoying life.

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